Sweet Trap (2024) – 甜甜的陷阱 (English subtitles)

Sweet Trap (2024) - 甜甜的陷阱 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Romance on the Farm (Cantonese) - 田耕紀

Description: Apprentice Li Nai went undercover to help his master reclaim the prestigious Five-Star Kitchen Knife, symbolizing honor. Her sole purpose was to one day defeat the “Chef Assassin” Jiang Jie, but she ended up falling into a trap designed by Jiang Jie. This drama is set against the backdrop of traditional Chinese cuisine, where a culinary novice and the “Knife-Stealing Assassin” in the culinary world embark on a battle of wits and skills, creating a sweet and bitter rivalry on their culinary journey.

Country: China

Director: Deng Zhan Neng

Actors: Binbin XiePeng YaqiTian XuningZhang Miaoyi

Genres: Drama, Food, Romance

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