My Happy Ending (2023) – 나의 해피엔드 (English subtitles)

Marry My Husband (2024) - 내 남편과 결혼해줘 (English subtitles)
Golden Garden (Cantonese) - 黃金庭院

Description: Seo Jae Won has near-perfect personal and work lives. She is the CEO of a successful furniture company and is a social media influencer with over a million followers. She scouts designer Yoon Teo to become the general manager of design at her company. In her personal life, Jae Won has a beloved husband, Heo Soon Young, and their lovely child. Soon Young is warm-hearted and hardly ever bursts out in anger. After their marriage, Soon Young prioritizes his family over everything else. Kwon Yun Jin graduated from the same university art department as Jae Won. She’s experiencing a difficult time with her divorce, and her art career is quickly fading. After she reconnects with Jae Won, she becomes jealous of her near-perfect life. Jae Won’s life soon changes as she is betrayed by people whom she trusts, and she faces secrets that people around her hide.

Country: South Korea

Director: Jo Soo Won

Actors: Choi So-yulJang Na-raJung Jin WooKim Hong-paKim Myung-sooLee Gi-taekPark Ho-sanSo I-hyeonSon Ho-jun

Genres: Drama, Family, Mystery, Thriller

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