Instinct – 笑看風雲

Instinct - 笑看風雲 - Episode 01
Love and Marriage (1992) - 屬雞的男人


Description: Wong Tin (Adam Cheng) is a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong. Although he is honest and righteous, he is framed by a business rival. Pau Man-lung (Ekin Cheng) is a ICAC agent tasked with investigating the case. Mutual respect soon develops among Wong Tin and Man-lung. After Man-lung loses his job, he start to work under Wong Tin with his best friend Poon Long-ching (Roger Kwok).

Although Wong Tin is a successful businessman, his personal life is not in good shape. He is divorced and his eldest daughter Wong Lui (Amy Kwok) resents him. Wong Lui develop feelings for Man-lung after her mother died in a car crash. However, Man-lung had already fallen in love with Lam Ching-lit (Nadia Chan).

黃天遭到商業罪案調查科調查,同時被不明集團挖角,天拆穿此為心腹伯滔的詭計。 清想靠走私賺錢,使前來相勸的龍遭到停職,更累包家陷入經濟困境,仲見清欠債,向天借錢,清因此進入中天集團;龍復職無望,亦跟隨天工作。 龍結識古怪少女林貞烈,龍多次相助她,兩人漸漸展開感情。 清被滔收買洩露中天業務秘密,成為滔手下一顆棋子,天漸起疑心。 天前妻家慧攜女兒黃蕾出現,慧與天在商場展開角逐。 蕾對天冷淡,清為博取天好感,極力追求蕾,並拉攏其父女感情,蕾妹黃茵卻鍾情於清。後來蕾終允諾嫁清,以藉機逃避現實。 蕾後來發現心儀男子竟是舊同學龍,於是她不顧一切為龍而悔婚。蕾破壞了龍與清兄弟之情,烈亦此黯然退出。 在滔的奸計之下,天的地位被滔取代,天會如何出手還擊?

Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 40 Episodes
Release Date: 1994
Cast: Adam Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Roger Kwok, Amy Kwok, Nadia Chan, Paul Chu, Leo Ku

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