In Blossom (2024) – 花间令 (English subtitles)

Fall in Love Again (2024) - 再见已是白月光 (English subtitles)
Simple Days (2024) - 小日子 (English subtitles)

Description: In the sinful city of Heyang, very well-liked Pan Yue married Yang Caiwei, who was despised by everyone. However, Yang Caiwei was murdered on their wedding day. The suspected culprit was none other than Pan Yue. Reborn from death, Yang Caiwei was under the guise of the “wicked woman” Shangguan Zhi. She returned with a fierce demeanor, intending to expose Pan Yue’s true colors. As they bravely confronted the Four Major Clans and uncovered the old cases, their hearts drew closer once more. Yang Caiwei discovered that the true culprit was not Pan Yue, who had loved her deeply all along. Just as things seemed to be falling into place, the mastermind behind the scenes set another trap, pushing them into the abyss of despair.

Country: China

Director: Zhong Qing

Actors: Ju JingyiLi GeyangLiu XueyiRay ZhangWu JiayiZheng Hehuizi

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Thriller

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