Hide (2024) – 하이드 (English subtitles)

Beauty and Mr. Romantic (2024) - 미녀와 순정남 (English subtitles)
Nothing Uncovered (2024) - 멱살 한번 잡힙시다 (English subtitles)

Description: Na Moon Young is married to Cha Sung Jae, but Cha Sung Jae suddenly disappears. Na Moon Young tries to find her husband and uncover the secret behind his disappearance.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Joo is neighbors with Na Moon Young. There is also a mysterious man named Do Jin Woo who holds the key to the secret of Cha Sung Jae’s disappearance.

Country: South Korea

Director: Kim Dong-hwi

Actors: Jo Eun-solKim Sang HoLee Bo YoungLee Chung-ahLee Min-jaeLee Moo-saeng

Genres: Drama, Mystery

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