Fry Me to the Moon (2024) – 今天的她们 (English subtitles)

Fry Me to the Moon (2024) - 今天的她们 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Step by Step Love (2024) - 步步倾心 (English subtitles)

Description: Three women who wouldn’t have known each other without a fight go against the routine and stand side by side in facing life’s challenges. They never give up their persistence towards love and pursuit of ideals.

Lu Zhen Zhen who takes her career very seriously returns to Chengdu while disregarding everything for the sake of love. Gu Man Ting who married her childhood sweetheart very early on has been wanting to escape her marriage. She invites Zhen Zhen to join her business, “Chuanbailou.”

The sudden appearance of catering entrepreneur Liang Qing Ran disrupts their trajectory and the crisis at “Chuanbailou” allows the three very different women to truly get to know each other. As their love, career, and ideals are tested at every level, in the city of Chengdu, what choices will they make?

Country: China

Director: Qin Wen

Actors: Charmaine ShehLi ChunSong YiWang Ren JunZhang ChaoZhang Guo Li

Genres: Drama, Food, Life, Romance

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