Flex X Cop (2024) – 재벌X형사 (English subtitles)

Doctor Slump (2024) - 닥터슬럼프 (English subtitles)
Red Shoes (Cantonese) - 紅色高踭鞋

Description: Jin Yi Soo has everything in life. Being a third-generation conglomerate, he never requires others’ assistance. However, things start changing when he gets entangled in a case.

Jin Yi Soo joins the violent investigative team at the Kangha Police Station that specializes in catching robbers. He aims to use his wealth and personal connections to his advantage. He works under Detective Lee Kang Hyun. Kang Hyun is dedicated and a smooth-talker and doesn’t care for Yi Soo’s presence when they begin working as partners.

Country: South Korea

Director: Kim Jae-hong

Actors: Ahn Bo-hyunKang Sang-junKim Shin-biKwak Si-yangLee Na-eunPark Ji-hyun

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance

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