Angels Fall Sometimes (2024) – 谢谢你温暖我 (English subtitles)

Angels Fall Sometimes (2024) - 谢谢你温暖我 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Detective Chinatown Season 2 (2024) - 唐人街探案第二季 (English subtitles)

Description: In the prime of his youth, Lin Tuo crosses paths with An Zhi Que during a summer internship recruiting event in their junior year. Love blossoms at first sight. With graduation approaching, the two embark on their journey from the ivory tower into the real world, taking on part-time jobs, job hunting, and planning their future together. While life doesn’t unfold as smoothly as envisioned, they hold each other up. However, just when everything seems to be going well, Lin Tuo receives a diagnosis that changes their lives forever. Lin Tuo is diagnosed with ALS, bringing an end to his seemingly ordinary but promising life. Future shortened, Lin Tuo faces the disease bravely. Giving up the idea of yielding to his fate, he learns to coexist with the terminal illness. Lin Tuo’s journey inspires those around him, including fellow ALS patients. He prompts them to reevaluate their outlook on life, cherish the present moment, and strive to live each day with hope and no regrets.

Country: China

Director: Zhu Dong Ning

Actors: Chen ZeJiang ChaoLi LandyLi Xin RanLin YiLiu JieLiu JunRen LuominSun TianyuWang Youjun

Genres: Life, Melodrama, Romance

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