A Shop for Killers (2024) – 킬러들의 쇼핑몰 (English subtitles)

A Shop for Killers (2024) - 킬러들의 쇼핑몰 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Taxi Driver 2 (Cantonese) - 模範的士2

Description: Shortly after entering college, Jian receives a call from local police informing her of her uncle’s “suicide”. Her carer, since the death of her parents, uncle Jeong Jin Man, had always been quiet and mysterious but never suicidal. But before Jian has a chance to think, her life is turned upside down by a flurry of gunfire, murder drones and more, as a medley of highly skilled assassins inexplicably turns their focus to killing her. Pinned down in her uncle’s home, Jian will be forced to revisit some of the bizarre training her uncle gave her throughout her formative years if she hopes to survive long enough to discover what is going on.

Country: South Korea

Director: Lee KwonNoh Gyoo-yeob

Actors: Jo Han SunKim Hae-naKim Hye-junLee Dong-wookLee Tae-youngMin KimPark Ji BinSeo Hyun-woo

Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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