Triumph In The Skies II – 衝上雲霄II

Triumph In The Skies II - 衝上雲霄II - Episode 01
Golden Bowl - 黃金萬両

Description: SAMUEL TONG (Francis Ng) stays in the UK to spend a long vacation following his wife’s death. After encountering HOLIDAY HO (Fala Chen), a wanderer who just got dumped, he ends his vacation early and returns to Hong Kong, joining Skylette Airline as a pilot to fly again.

He meets Captain JAYDEN KOO (Julian Cheung), and the two exhibit two distinct personalities, with SAMUEL being reserved and JAYDEN being a man who likes to attract attention.  Respectively, the two get emotionally entangled with HOLIDAY, who arrives in Hong Kong to apply for pilot training.  Moreover, SAMUEL becomes a training captain to assess JAYDEN, leading to a competition between the two for both career and love.

JAYDEN’s younger sister SUMMER HA (Myolie Wu) is an aircraft maintenance technician, and she bears grudges against her brother due to an unhappy experience during her childhood.  ISSAC TONG (Ron Ng), due to SUMMER physically resembling his sister-in-law ZOE so much, cannot turn a blind eye on it, so at last, he helps settle the dispute between SUMMER and her brother.  SUMMER has a crush on ISSAC, yet ISSAC restrains himself from taking another step forward in order to avoid evoking SAMUEL’s grief.

First Officer ROY KO (Kenneth Ma) has two girlfriends and cannot make up his mind as he does not bear to hurt anyone.  After sharing his secret with HEATHER FONG (Elena Kong), a senior purser, ROY and she become close associates, and the two even have a one night stand.   JIM JIM (Him Law), who used to represent Hong Kong in swimming, plans to retire and enroll in flight training, where he falls in love with COCO LING (Nancy Wu), who is to be a surrogate mother for her friend.   With the planes taking-off and landing, stories of sorrow, parting, joyfulness and re-encounters have been constituted.
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 43 Episodes
Release Date: 15 July 2013
Cast: Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Myolie Wu, Fala Chen, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Nancy Wu, Him Law, Elena Kong,Rebecca Zhu, Kelly Fu, Patrick Dunn, Pal Sinn, Adrian Chau, William Chak, Quinn Ho, Hugo Wong, Skye Chan
Genre: Modern Drama

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