The Ordinary Road (2023) – 平凡之路 (English subtitles)

The Ordinary Road (2023) - 平凡之路 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Ingenious One (2023) - 云襄传 (English subtitles)

Description: Pan Yan is a trainee lawyer of Rongke Law Firm. He and Shu Yinan, Zuo Na, and Zhu Xin Xin, who entered Rongke’s internship at the same time, encountered confusion when they first entered the workplace. During the internship, they are exposed to various types of litigation commissions. As trainee lawyers, they can neither undertake the litigation entrusted by the client, nor determine the direction and strategy of the litigation, but they all hold the original intention of respecting the law, and conscientiously prepare materials and make suggestions for each litigation. Growing pains are not only in the workplace, but also in the family. How to handle the relationship with their parents is also exhausting. In the end, under the guidance and help of Lan Hong and Du Fei Yu, senior partners of the law firm, and after frank communication with their parents, they all grew up.

Country: China

Director: Liu Jin

Actors: Fenny WuGina JinGuo Qi LinKaren KangYan Zi DongZhu Zhu

Genres: Drama, Law

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