The Great Magician (2011) – 大魔術師

The Stool Pigeon (2010) - 綫人
City Under Siege (2010) - 全城戒備

Description: In the years after the Revolution, China broken up into fiefdoms held by warlords, who are busy fighting each other. One warlord has imprisoned a girl and wants her to be his seventh wife, but he’s too honorable to force her. The local revolutionaries wants to kill him and bring back the republic. But when a stranger returns from abroad with mastery of magic to recover the girl he loved, who is tricking whom and who will win at the end?

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Derek Yee Tung-Sing

Actors: Alex FongKenya SawadaLam SuetLau Ching-wanMiao TienPaul ChunTony Leung Chiu-waiWang XichaoWang ZiwenWu Gang

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Genres: Drama

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