Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) – 神仙·老師·狗

Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) - 神仙·老師·狗 - Episode 01
Love Touch (Cantonese) - 我愛幸運七

Description: Meng Xiao Hu has a master degree in history, but all he wants to do is to take over the gang from his father. While he was out chasing his enemy, he accidentally killed a puppy. A god punishes him by having him teach in a high school and turning him into a dog whenever he gets a naughty thought.
孟小虎在黑幫打鬥後因好色暈倒,從此當他心術不正時就會被土地公懲罰變成小狗。一次機遇,小虎獲邀到貴族學校當歷史老師。每當小虎教完一段歷史,生活中就 會發生相似的趣味故事。演員藉歷史、孫子兵法、三國故事等等,克服現代人在日常生活所面對的難事。

Language: Cantonese
Country: Taiwan

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