Starstruck (2023) – 스타스트럭 (English subtitles)

Starstruck (2023) - 스타스트럭 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Oh! Youngsim (2023) - 오! 영심이 (English subtitles)

Description: Seo Han Joon has been in love with his childhood friend, Jo Yoo Jae, for a long time. He knew his feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated, and it didn’t matter because he never even dreamed of confessing to him. But this time, he wanted to express his love…

Country: Korea

Director: Park Sun Jae

Actors: Chae Soo AhKim In SungKim Yu BinKwon SanLee Sang MinPark Tae-inZuho

Genres: Romance

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