Sergeant Tabloid – 女警愛作戰

Sergeant Tabloid - 女警愛作戰 - Episode 01
Triumph In The Skies II - 衝上雲霄II

SergeanttabloidposterDescription: Emergency Unit (EU) senior female sergeant LUI FEI HAP (Niki Chow) is over 30 and had her ups and downs in love. When she meets the perfect man (Vincent Wong), she actively began her ‘hunt and capture’ operation, where she unexpectedly discovers that her boyfriend’s true identity is in fact a drug lord. Her entire relationship with this drug lord was captured and placed on the headlines by tabloid reporter LAM YAT YAT (Michael Tse). FEI HAP hated YAT YAT with a passion, but not long after she quickly fell in love with her fellow junior WONG CHI CHYUN (Matthew Ko). YAT YAT then tried to ruin their relationship. When FEI HAP found out her father LUI CHAN NAM (Benz Hui) partnered with YAT YAT to break her and CHYUN up, and that she can never get along with her female superior SZETO GIU (Mandy Wong), FEI HAP breaks down in both her work and career life. This ‘best quality policewoman’ was forced to unleash a chain of counter attacks and fight for her love until the end..
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 21 Episodes
Release Date: 02 April 2012
Cast: Niki Chow, Michael Tse, Mandy Wong, Matthew Ko, Koni Lui, Queenie Chu, William Chak, Grace Wong, Oceane Zhu, Elaine Yiu
Genre: Police

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