Mama’s Affair – 阿媽有咗第二個

77 Heartwarmings (2021) - 感动她77次
Life Must Go On (2022) - 深宵閃避球

Description:As Yu Mei Fung, housewife and former top artiste manager, discovers a new star in Fong Ching, she also draws jealousy from her teenage son Jonathan Lo Tsz Hin. A single mother struggles to find balance between her family and her career. (From New York Asian Film Festival)

Country: Hong Kong

Actors: Teresa Mo as Yu Mei Fung, Keung To as Fong Ching, Jer Lau as Jonathan Lo Tsz Hin, Kaki Sham as Ka Kei, Tang Lai Ying as Ann, CY Chan as Tim

Directed by: Kearen Pang

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