Love Yunge from the Desert (Cantonese) – 大漢情緣雲中歌

Love Yunge from the Desert (Cantonese) - 大漢情緣雲中歌 - Episode 01
A Dream of Splendor 2022 (Cantonese) - 夢華錄


Description: During the Western Han Dynasty, an eight-year-old Emperor Zhao of Han meets a girl Huo Yun Ge (daughter of Huo Qu Bing and Jin Yu from Ballad of the Desert), who rescued him from the cold of the desert. Ten years later, Yun Ge is now a beautiful young woman, who could not forget the boy she saved. However, the emperor has long forgotten Yun Ge, and with a new love in his life, Xu Ping Jun. The heartbroken Huo later meets a handsome Meng Jue, only later to find herself embroiled in a power struggles within the imperial palace.


Language: Cantonese
Country: China
Cast: Angelababy, Du Chun, Lu Yi, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Su Qing, Bao Bei’er, Rachel Momo

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