Love Is Written in the Stars (2023) – 看见缘分的少女 (English subtitles)

Love Is Written in the Stars (2023) – 看见缘分的少女 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Beyond the Common Ground (Cantonese) - 和解在後

Description: Zhou Yuan is a martial arts prodigy who will fall seriously ill if she starts to form emotional attachments. After disguising herself as a man to break into Qingyun Academy, she meets the young marquis who hates weddings. Fate has forcibly tied Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan’s destinies together. Wei Qi is the only son of Wei Hou. On the outside, he is outstanding and carries with him an air of arrogance. In private, he is a man who hates marriage because each of his marriages have resulted in failure. Other than that, he is the overlord of Qingyun Academy. When Zhou Yuan sneaks into the academy by pretending to be a boy, she slowly gets to know Wei Qi. She was born with a special ability that allows her to see the connections between people. However, it has a side effect that leaves her severely ill whenever she starts to have feelings. Together, Wei Qi and Zhou Yuan join hands to defeat evil forces.

Country: China
Director: Chen Jinfei
Actors: Ao RuipengIan YiQi YandiQuan PeilunXu XiaohanYang LinYuetong PanZhang Keai杨欣颖
Genres: Drama

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