Life Must Go On (2022) – 深宵閃避球

Mama's Affair - 阿媽有咗第二個
Golden Escape (2022) - 黄金大逃狱

Description:Yanki is a social worker who has set up the “midnight gymnasium” to give a place for unruly teens to hang out safely. When it looks like funding will be pulled, Yanki concocts a scheme to turn the situation around: the girls at the gym are training for a dodgeball competition. With her lie told, she needs is a coach to whip the motley crew into shape. Enter Jones, a disreputable sportsman and a failure of an adult who has no clue about dodgeball and, instead, trades on his upbeat attitude and smooth platitudes to live life as he dodges taking responsibility for a past sporting scandal.

Country: Hong Kong

Actors: Catherine ChauChung Suet-YingEkin ChengFeanna WongGladys LiIsabella Chan

Genres: Comedy

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