Insider – 인사이더 (English subtitles)

Lovely Horribly (Cantonese) - 慌心女作家
Link: Eat, Love, Kill - 링크: 먹고, 사랑하라, 죽이게

Description: Kim Yo Han (Kang Ha Neul)works as a judicial apprentice. He is deliberate in his actions and holds a poker face. Kim Yo Han conducts an insider investigation. He becomes involved in an unexpected case. This leads to Kim Yo Han becoming a prisoner. He struggles to hold a card to change his fate in prison.

Genre:Action, Thriller
Times:16 Episodes
Release Date:08 June 2022
Production company(s):jTBC
Director:Min Yeon Hong
Cast:Kang Ha Neul, Lee Yoo Young, Cha Yub, Sung Ji Roo, Jung Man Sik, Heo Sung Tae

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