Breakout Brothers 2 (2022) – 逃獄兄弟2

Breakout Brothers 3 (2022) - 逃獄兄弟3
77 Heartwarmings (2021) - 感动她77次

Description:After their breakout from the previous film, Big Roller, Kin-tin, Scar and Ho-ching have changed their behavior and became more rule-abiding, hoping to complete their prison sentences soon. As the prison becomes more peaceful, Ho Chun, an entrepreneur who is accused for instigating crime, is remanded in prison for three months before his next hearing. Since Ho is used to being above others, he applies his business philosophy in prison and bribes Big Roller and Scar to be his followers while Ho himself becomes the big boss in prison. When Ho discovers a new witness who will testify against him which may result in a life sentence, and bribes Big Roller, Kin-tin, Scar and Ho-ching to help him breakout of prison and promises to arrange a getaway to Thailand. However, because they have changed their ways, the four of them refuse to help Ho so Ho resorts to blackmailing them and they are forced to oblige.

Country: Hong Kong
Director: Mak Ho-Pong
Actors: Adam PakBen YuenJoe JuniorJustin CheungKenny Wong Tak-BanLarine TangLouis CheungPatrick TamRon NgStefan Wong
Genres: Comedy, Crime
Genres: Drama, Romance

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