Big Bet (2022) – 카지노 (English subtitles)

Big Bet (2022) - 카지노 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Big Bet Season 2 (2023) - 카지노 시즌2 (English subtitles)

Description: Cha Mu Sik runs a casino bar, only to flee to the Philippines due to a crackdown by the National Tax Service. He launches a full-fledged casino business and strategizes winning over the political and business circles in the Philippines. However, he is suddenly framed as a suspect in Min Seok Joon’s death and is tracked by Oh Seung Hoon of the Korean Desk. Betrayal is rampant in the presence of money. Who will be the last person standing?

Country: Korea

Director: Kang Yoon-sung

Actors: Choi Min ShikHeo Sung TaeKim Hong-paLee Dong HwiLee Hye YoungSon Seok Koo

Genres: Action, Crime

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