Apple of My Eye (2023) – 금이야, 옥이야 (English subtitles)

Apple of My Eye (2023) - 금이야 옥이야 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Real Has Come! (2023) - 진짜가 나타났다! (English subtitles)

Description: A work about the delightful and heartbreaking story of a family growing up while raising a child, centering on a single dad Geum Kang San and adopted child Ok Mi Rae who is the apple of his eye.

Genre:Family, Romance
Times:120 Episodes
Release Date:27 March 2023
Production company(s):KBS1
Director:Choi Ji Yeong
Cast:Seo Joon Young, Yoon Da Young, Song Chae Hwan, Kim Shi Hoo, Kim Si Eun, Kim Ha Gyeom

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