A Murder Erased (2022) – 被消失的凶案

Golden Escape (2022) - 黄金大逃狱
Metallic Attraction: Kungfu Cyborg (2009) - 机器侠

Description:International narcotics officer Choi, has been demoted by his superior officer Ma to local duties after partaking in bribery in the line of work. He’s assigned to a death scene investigation by Yan where the deceased, Yung’s, body had laid undiscovered for eight years, and only recently discovered by maintenance workers during the renovation of an old block of flat. Choi looks into Chao as the prime suspect, and linking it to adultery with Yung’s widow Ping as an accomplice. The case soon comes under scrutiny by a high-ranking court prosecutor Santos. Under his inquiries, the investigator becomes the investigated, and Choi’s actions fall under suspicion as all manner of inconsistencies come to light from his statement. Yung was a man of many vices, with few crimes left untouched by his hand – rape, drug smuggling, blackmail and working alongside notorious gangster Fai Wai. Has Choi framed a pair of innocents? How did this case end up becoming an unsolved one? Who was responsible for burying this case?

Country: Hong Kong
Director: Dennis LawNicky Li Chung-Chi
Actors: Belinda YanCheung Tat-MingDada ChanEddie CheungJoe JuniorLam SuetMaggie ShiuMason Fung Ho-YeungSimon YamStephanie Che
Genres: Crime

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