Under The Gun (2024) – 언더더건 (English subtitles)

Missing Crown Prince (2024) - 세자가 사라졌다 (English subtitles)
Lovely Runner (2024) - 선재 업고 튀어 (English subtitles)

Description: When the honor of his family is tarnished, Go Gun is faced with a difficult decision. The son of a professional poker player, Gun knows just how damaging the profession can be, yet joining the Korean Poker League may be the only way to save his family. Encouraged by transfer student Cha Se Young, Gun finds the strength to put his fears aside and tackle his problems head-on. With Se Young by his side, will his skill and determination ultimately bring him victory?

Country: South Korea

Director: Hong Chung Gi

Actors: Ji Su MinJo Soo MinSeo Ji WonZuho

Genres: Romance, Youth

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