The Sky is the Limit – 緣份無邊界

Time Off - 明天不一样 (1998)
Rage And Passion - 中神通王重陽

Description: CHOW KWOK CHING (Lam Bowie) was a disorderly guy with no ambitions. Though he was in his thirties, he did not have a career and changed jobs constantly. Under his mother’s pressure, CHING determined to join the police force. He did not do his work very well and finally was assigned to Sha Tau Kok where the border is. Meanwhile, CHING had misunderstanding with a mainland girl KAM LAN (Cheung Ho Yee, Maggie). He even perceived LAN as a bad woman and considered her as a sign of misfortune to him. LAN was borne in Guangxi. To make a living, she moved to Shenzhen with friends. She could not find a proper job and therefore worked in a karaoke club. She then met a handsome and passionate guy called WAN YAU CHOI (Tang Ho Kwong) and even had baby with him. LAN believed that CHOI would eventually marry her so she gave all her savings to CHOI for him to further develop himself in England. However, she did not receive news from him afterwards. In order to raise her son, LAN and her friends opened a fashion boutique in Chung Ying Street to make some money. She decided to reform herself and started dating with CHING’s friend LAU KING KEUNG (Wong Chi Yin). However, they could not get along well due to their character were incompatible. At the same time, LAN realized that she was in love with someone else…

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2000
Cast: Bowie Lam, Maggie Cheung, Ronald Cheng, Joyce Koi

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