The Midnight Romance in Hagwon (2024) – 졸업 (English subtitles)

Dare to Love Me (2024) - 함부로 대해줘 (English subtitles)
The Brave Yong Soo-jung (2024) - 용감무쌍 용수정 (English subtitles)

Description: After resigning from a big company, Lee Joon Ho returns to the academy where he’d studied, this time as an instructor. He’s motivated by his lingering fixation on his first love, academy teacher Seo Hye Jin.

Seo Hye Jin has been a Korean language instructor for the past fourteen years. She became a star after the legendary incident labelled “Miracle of Daechi.” Just when her life begins to feel settled, former pupil and troublemaker Lee Joon Ho, whom she’d helped get into a prestigious university ten years previously, shows up and stirs up chaos.

Country: South Korea

Director: Ahn Pan-seok

Actors: Jung Ryeo-wonSo Joo-yeonWi Ha JoonYoon Bok-in

Genres: Drama, Romance

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