The Brave Yong Soo-jung (2024) – 용감무쌍 용수정 (English subtitles)

The Brave Yong Soo-jung (2024) - 용감무쌍 용수정 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Atypical Family (2024) - 히어로는 아닙니다만 (English subtitles)

Description: Yong Soo Jung has a refreshing charm which helps her popularity as a home shopping host. She has many females fans from various age ranges due to her honest and straightforward personality. Things are different in her personal life. When she likes a man, she can’t express her feelings or even make eye contact with him. Her romantic life is difficult because of this. She has a crush on Joo Woo Jin, who is the successor of the Masung Group.

Yeo Eui Joo is a hard-working man despite his poor family background. He lives with his intellectually disabled mother. His priority is to make his mother happy. One day, he suddenly learns that he is the second grandson of the Masung Group and is stunned by the news. He gets involved with Yong Soo Jung.

Meanwhile, Choi Hye Ra is selfish and greedy. If she wants something, she will try to get it no matter what and if anyone comes in her way, she will try to mercilessly punish them.

Country: South Korea

Director: Lee Min-su

Actors: Im Joo-eunJi Soo-wonKim Yong-rimKwon Hwa WoonLee Seung-yunPark Cheol-minSeo Jun-yeongUhm Hyun-kyungYang Jung-ah

Genres: Drama, Melodrama, Romance

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