Snow White’s Revenge (2024) – 스캔들 (English subtitles)

Snow White’s Revenge (2024) - 스캔들 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Miss Night and Day (2024) - 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀 (English subtitles)

Description: Moon Jung In is a highly ambitious woman. She married Dr. Baek Dong Ho for his money. He had a daughter, Baek Seol Ah, from his previous marriage. Jung In stole all of Dong Ho’s assets and then left him. Jung In became successful in life, and she now runs her own entertainment company, which produces drama series.

One day, she meets Seo Jin Ho, who looks like her first love. Jin Ho wants to become an actor, and he is engaged to Seol Ah. He first met Seol Ah at an orphanage, and they grew up together there. Due to Jung In, Jin Ho disappears completely.

Meanwhile, because of Jung In, who married Seol Ah’s father, Seol Ah’s life fell into a bottomless pit, and she had to grow up in an orphanage. As Seol Ah turned her life around after meeting Jin Ho, her life completely changed again because of Jung In.

Country: South Korea

Director: Choi Ji Yeong

Actors: Choi WoongHan Bo-reumHan Chae YoungJeon Seung BinJin Joo HyungKim Gyu Seon

Genres: Drama, Melodrama, Mystery, Romance

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