My Military Valentine (2024) – 피타는 연애 (English subtitles)

My Military Valentine (2024) - 피타는 연애 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Player 2: Master of Swindlers (2024) - 플레이어 2: 꾼들의 전쟁 (English subtitles)

Description: After decades of tension, peace has come to the Korean Peninsula. To mark the start of the new North-South Korean peacetime, top South Korean star Lloyd heads to the DMZ to perform a concert, but a misunderstanding forces North Korean special forces soldier Baek Young Ok to step in.

Fans capture their interaction and the public mistakes it for a romantic moment. A scandal breaks out, and Lloyd’s fans are outraged. In desperation, he joins the military… only to find himself in a unit led by Young Ok! Could romance bloom between this unlikely pair?

Country: South Korea

Director: Park Gwang Choon

Actors: Choi Hye JinJung Jin WooKim Min SeokNam Gyu RiSong Jae RimSteve Noh

Genres: Action, Drama, Romance

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