Miss Night and Day (2024) – 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀 (English subtitles)

Miss Night and Day (2024) - 낮과 밤이 다른 그녀 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
My Sweet Mobster (2024) - 놀아주는 여자 (English subtitles)

Description: Lee Mi Jin is a job-seeker who has been exhausted from working various part-time jobs and preparing for a job for a long time. One day, due to an incident, she ages into her 50s, causing her to live as a 50-year-old by day and rejuvenate into her 20s by night. She is undeterred by this absurd tragedy and uses it as an opportunity to knock on the door of a job. With her wealth of experience from years of job hunting in her 20s and her seasoned 50s, she succeeds in landing the job she’s always wanted. Meanwhile, Gye Ji Woong, a sensitive and cranky perfectionist prosecutor, finds himself unwillingly involved with Lee Mi Jin day and night…

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 16 Episodes
Release: 2024
Director: Lee Hyung-min
Cast:  Lee Jung-eun, Jung Eun-ji ,Choi Jin-hyuk ,Yoon Byung-hee, Jeong Seok-yong ,Jung Young-ju, Kim Ah-young ,Baek Seo Hoo
Genre:  Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

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