Love and Marriage (1992) – 屬雞的男人

Instinct - 笑看風雲
The Legend Of Master Chan - 吉星報喜

Description: Xu Liren (played by Liao Wai-hung) has always been self-righteous and harsh on others, but due to a terminal illness, he has changed his personality and outlook on life. The senior clerk Liu Qitai (played by Hui Shaoxiong) and the receptionist Li Jiaju (played by Li Jiasheng) under Liren, the former is a lonely person, while the latter is a fool. Ka Kui has a girlfriend Jenny (played by Cui Jiabao), and the two break up due to personality differences. Ka Kui once met Wen Jing (played by Lin Yingxian), a girl from the Academy of Music. Wen Jing failed to see Ka Kui’s face, but she already regarded Ka Kui as her lover in her heart. Later Qitai got acquainted with Wen Jing and pursued him hard. Wen Jing was moved by his sincerity and married, but the two divorced because of their acquaintance…

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