Enforcement Department (2024) – 执行法官 (English subtitles)

Enforcement Department (2024) - 执行法官 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Princess Royal (2024) - 度华年 (English subtitles)

Description: In order to tackle the challenges faced by the Enforcement Department in handling a backlog of court cases, the leadership of the People’s Court of Qinggang City dispatched an outstanding judge Qi Lin from the Criminal Division to support the Enforcement Department on a rotational basis, where Qi Lin met the chief judge Chu Yun, whose approach to cases was completely different from his own. Despite initial conflicts, they eventually joined forces, leading a team of young enforcement judges to resolve a series of tough cases. Six months later, Qi Lin decided to stay on at the Enforcement Department, continuing to seek justice for the people.

Country: China

Director: An Jian

Actors: Ding Jia LiDong XuanLuo JinSa Ri NaYang Zi ShanZhang Xi Lin

Genres: Drama, Law, Mystery

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