Kyoukai no Rinne S2 (Cantonese) – 境界之輪迴 2

Kyoukai no Rinne S2 (Cantonese) - 境界之輪迴 2 - Episode 01
Joker (Cantonese) - 怪盜小丑

Description: High school student Sakura Mamiya and impoverished death god Rinne Rokudou continue to confront the supernatural. Pulled into the problems of their quirky acquaintances, the pair again find themselves immersed in trouble. Ageha’s black cat Oboro seeks revenge for alleged mistreatment and demands Ageha to nullify their contract. When she refuses to do so, a bitter quarrel breaks out between them. Meanwhile, the scheming Damashigami Company shows no sign of halting its wrongdoings, and the bat-like demon Masato continues to commit devious acts to pursue his long-awaited revenge on Rinne. For Sakura and Rinne, these paranormal complications never seem to end. As their saga continues to unfold, they must cope with these unusual circumstances as they appear, all while facing problems of their own.

講述少女真宮櫻自從幼年時被墮魔死神帶離之後,取得看見鬼魂的能力, 從小就能看見鬼魂,有一天遇見了從事類似死神工作的古怪少年六道輪迴。為了將在陽世仍有憾事未了、徘徊在人間的鬼魂送上輪迴之輪,隨後真宮櫻和六道輪迴一同引導鬼魂,兩人展開了千奇百怪的課後伏鬼冒險!

Language: Cantonese
Country: Japan

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