77 Heartwarmings (2021) – 感动她77次

Breakout Brothers 2 (2022) - 逃獄兄弟2
Mama's Affair - 阿媽有咗第二個

Description:Although the ten-year relationship is over, Eva and Adam are still longing for each other’s traces in their lives. The accidental encounter with Marvel and the sudden illness of her mother disrupted Eva’s gradual adaptation to her single life rhythm. Can the 78th forgiveness be redeemed by the 77 emotional touches?

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Herman Yau

Actors: Bob LamC KwanCandy LoCharlene ChoiKara HuiLawrence ChengLei ChenyuMario MaurerMichelle WaiNatalie Tong

Genres: Drama, Romance

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